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Dr. James Watuwa Nominated for the Future Leaders of Amphibian conservation 2019

Dr. James Watuwa is a wildlife veterinarian who grew up in Uganda where his love of animals began early in life. His childhood was spent caring for a variety of animals from cats and dogs to tadpoles, snakes, and birds.

Following high school, Dr. James Watuwa attended Makerere University in Uganda where graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of veterinary medicine and later completed his Master’s Degree of Science in wildlife health and management in 2018

Throughout his five years of vet school, he donated his time to the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (Entebbe -Zoo) helping to diagnose, treat, and medicate all zoo animals suffering from disease, injury and provided medical care to hundreds of rescued and endangered animals. He reprised this role helping to care for endangered wildlife when he served as wildlife Veterinarian at Conservation Through Public Health in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

In 2018, Dr. James Watuwa was the first African student to earn a Veterinary-track scholarship under the Wildlife Conservation Network Scholarship Program and this saw him complete his Master’s Degree of Science in wildlife health and management.

Following-up on this he subsequently became Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organization with a mission to promote biodiversity and wildlife conservation through community engagement, recognizing the importance of engaging people in protecting wildlife, while supporting sustainable development using a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach both of which are critical for the conservation of wildlife.

Dr. James Watuwa is dedicated to promoting conservation of all reptiles and amphibian diversity in Uganda by promoting the conservation of the amphibians and reptiles and their natural ecosystems and implementing positive change in human attitudes towards the amphibian and reptilian diversity in Uganda.

When not at work, Dr. James Watuwa can usually be found taking care of his own menagerie of animals which includes birds, cats, dogs, fish, lizards, and hedgehogs.  He also enjoys nature walks, listening to music and just hanging out with family and friends.

Source of The Story: Amphibians.org

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