Endangered WildLife Conservation Organization



Endangered Wildlife Conservation OrganizationEWCO ) is a nonprofit  grassroots  conservation  Organization registered by the Uganda Non Governmental Organizations(NGO) Board in Uganda.(Registration number 2242).

Message From Our CEO

 EWCO UGANDA works to ensure the delicate balance between the environments; biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in indigenous communities around  protected areas in Uganda.

EWCO works closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and  conservation partners to achieve our mission through integrated programs of

1. Wildlife Health monitoring, Research, and Conservation

2. Ranger training and Logistical support to combat poaching 

3. Gender equality and women’s empowerment for sustainable livelihoods and management of wildlife resources

4.Integrated Conservation with Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) and WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) project

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To advocate for Wildlife conservation through community engagement, recognizing the importance of engaging people in protecting wildlife, while supporting sustainable development using a holistic and multi-disciplinary One Health approach both of which are critical for the conservation of wildlife.
EWCO  works to promote conservation of endangered wildlife with emphasis on the great apes(gorillas) , African elephants , Amphibians and other endangered wildlife throughout the entire home range while addressing all ecosystem issues that sustain co-existence of wildlife, humans, and ecosystems.


Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organization envisions a  world, where nature, wildlife, and human beings live together harmoniously


Our goal is to Mainstream biodiversity conservation into development policies, plans and projects to deliver the co-benefits of biodiversity conservation, improved local livelihoods and economic development in communities where we work.


True to our vision we believe that people are an important part of any ecosystem. Without healthy and economically secure communities around our protected areas, the areas remain under threat from grazing, hunting and such vices.  Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organization -EWCO uses a unique approach of conservation through community development to achieve our vision. We work to improve the quality of life in surrounding communities by providing education, health services, safe water, vocational training and sustainable resource use skills in this impoverished and most densely populated regions around protected areas  in Uganda


  • To promote sustainable conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem health , and species genetic variation of protected areas in Uganda through community engagement ,research, agroforestry and advocacy
  • To promote economic empowerment and entrepreneurship skills for women, vulnerable children and youth at household level through self-help projects, apprenticeship trainings and enterprise development for indigenous communities around protected areas in Uganda.
  • To promote sustainable conservation of natural resources for the well-being of humanity and sustainable development
  • To promote gender education necessary for advancing gender equity and equality in all its forms in indigenous communities around protected areas in Uganda.
  • To provide support for research and ecological monitoring, education and information exchange related to local, national and global issues of biodiversity conservation and development.

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