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Ugandan wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Watuwa James named a 2022 Finalist for the first inaugural Wolfgang Kiessling international prize for species conservation.

American Humane, America’s first national humane organization and the world’s largest certifier of animal welfare practices, names Ugandan wildlife Dr. Watuwa James a 2022 Finalist for the first inaugural WOLFGANG KIESSLING INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR SPECIES CONSERVATION.

One of Uganda’s up-and-coming wildlife veterinarians, Dr. Watuwa James, approaches some of Uganda’s most pressing wildlife and conservation problems from a veterinary perspective. The “Kiessling Prize,” named in honor of Wolfgang F. Kiessling, the founder of Loro Parque and a recognized leader in the field of conservation, honors those who make a significant contribution to the practice, theory, or research of conservation.

With up to one million species potentially in foreseeable danger of extinction due to what scientists refer to as the “Sixth Mass Extinction,” it is more important than ever to make extraordinary efforts to protect the Earth’s inhabitants, as well as the scientists, researchers, and advocates who dedicate their lives to these efforts.

The Kiessling Prize honors people who exhibit the great leadership, vision, and dedication to conservation that Mr. Kiessling demonstrated, as well as the crucial role that zoos and aquariums play in the preservation of wildlife.

Dr. Watuwa James was chosen from a group of numerous candidates who represented 16 nations on five continents and who are in charge of conservation projects that span the world in almost every area of conservation, including species reintroduction, genomics, threat analysis, habitat restoration, and technology and innovation.

The protection and preservation of animal life, the most priceless resource in the world, is the highest goal, according to Wolfgang Kiessling, president and founder of Loro Parque and Loro Parque Foundation. We are appreciative of Dr. Watuwa’s lifelong commitment to animal conservation. through a veterinary perspective

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